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    Updates from 12.31.17-1.15.18



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    Updates from 12.31.17-1.15.18

    Post by Lolatwtf on Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:36 pm

    So as you know if you logged in we have updated the home too varrock for a better game experience, edge is overpowered with too many rsps's having edge as home as i seen not many rsps's have varrock as home and with the shops located in the right places such as range in range place as the same as osrs, we have fixed a huge item spawning command such as you could do ::item1337 14484 1 and be able to spawn a pair of dragon claws as now you cannot do that. We have added sea troll queen drops all nex items now, so you dont have to pay for those with real cash unless you want too too help the server. We have added a forums as you can see. Now for staff. "Droopy" has resigned, and mykneegrow has took his place, "Drugs" and "Oi" have suddenly quit, without telling anyone so they are demoted, spike98, has been promoted to "Youtuber" and shane has been promoted to "Co-owner" If there is anything i missed please contact me in-game or on here.

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