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    Applying for Moderator

    Post by xSpike98 on Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:50 pm

    Question 1. Whats your name? Hasan

    Question 2. In-game name? xSpike98

    Question 3. How old are you? 19

    Question 4. How can we contact you?

    Skype or any other social media e.g. Snapchat, Instagram.

    Question 5. How long have you played and been registered on our forums?

    I have been playing for just 1 week now and know quite alot about the server and i have been registered on forums for 1 day now.

    Question 6. What can you benefit too us as being staff member?

    I can benefit alot to the server by advertising the server daily to gain new players and grow the community for the server to be healthy and active. I have been staff numerous times in different servers therefore i know how to play the role and i never abuse the staff's commands, I'm a easy person to get along with and will always respect every individual whilst my time on the server including staff members. My intention is to keep this server going and to help one another so that people don't leave the server. If anyone asks for help i will be happily to do so and will never say 'no' to anyone. I would help out the server to the best of my ability and to maintain a good community.

    Question 7. Have you ever donated?

    I don't often donate but if i enjoy playing on a server i will donate.

    Question 8. If two people are fighting and one calls you and asks you to "mute" "ban" "jail" the other person what will you do?

    I wouldn't take any further action until i get information from the people and to explain to me what is going on, if they have been in any rule breaking i would ask for proof and take action from there but if they kept on fighting i would give them a few warnings and if they don't listen to the warnings then it will be a mute for both of them.

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